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Lb's Biography

A co-founder of an internet media company, L.B. has travelled through major metropolitan cities around the world and is well known in a number of influential private circles including the future king of England who he counts as one of his many friends. In his travels, he also worked in several fascinating jobs such as Elle Paris in Asia and the United Nations.

After attending Phillips Exeter and Oxford University, L.B. toured the trendy and fashionable establishments throughout Europe meeting and attracting gorgeous women. During this time, L.B. gained a strong international reputation in several nightlife social circles as a party boy. When not travelling, L.B. returns to medical school to complete his training as a doctor.

"I just pulled back to back lays last weekend....ha, ha Loverboy [L.B.] is my yoda man....I got laid 9 times in the last 12 weeks AFTER LB BOOTCAMP. Can you believe that sh*t? Man, when you said my game will take off after bootcamp I thought you were bullsh*tting me...ha,ha, gotta think again. I am a LB clone in field, ha. You rock."

- Osvaldo P. of Spain

While living in Edinburgh, L.B. began training with Real Social Dynamics Executive Coaches in Europe. During this training, L.B. built upon his natural abilities to attract women into a science and art. Now, his game has developed to such an expertise that his skillset is taught at individualized RSD Bootcamps.

Today, L.B. lives with Hoobie in Edinburgh, a gorgeous multi-cultural city with some of the most beautiful women in the UK. As a frequent traveler, he teaches 1-1 European Bootcamps to share his love for women, and, to help others develop a tailored skillset that has allowed him to date some of Europe's most wealthy, famous, and attractive women.

With a strong desire to serve humanity as a doctor, and as an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, L.B. has worked with Real Social Dynamics on a curriculum that will give clients the knowledge and education necessary to be successful with women.

"Before I go into details, let me just say that this was really a f*cking great experience. I got SO much out of it, and had the wickedest time in the process. When we were out, it all came together. Each set I got better. The last 3 sets, I felt so money. I felt like I was really tapping into something powerful.

A notable sticking point of mine was when/where to get numbers. If I got them after the kiss-close, they'd often flake. I guess buyer's remorse. I think it was LB that said to push for the number first, and just get it like its no big deal. Like just so we could vibe more/continue the conversation. Kinda under the radar. So I got 3 numbers and an email from 2 hot brazilian chicks.

LB came over... He re-opened [a group of hot girls] with a stronger frame. Then he just talks blatant PU [pickup] in front of them, it goes so over their heads: "Set is open. Pick target and attract" So I pick one and run some attract...After 5mins I get makeout (LB has made out with his girl in like 30 secs, damn I'm not that fast yet )...

This girl is like a lithuanian rock chick, she's in tight black top and black skirt, black rock boots... but she's hot. Very sensual and great body. Club closes, and LB says "dude, these girls are extractable. Extract or debrief, your choice." At first I'm kinda a wuss about it and say I guess I should get debriefed, then I think f*ck it, this sh*t is about getting LAID, so we extract them.

LB takes us to a chinese restaurant, all the while dropping lines of advice - "re-open, she's going cold just vibe, don't game".

So we head back to his hotel, and he's urging me to split the set. The girls jokingly suggest vodka, so I grab mine and we go for drinks. At this point my head's buzzing, and my extraction was VERY weak, but I grab her hand anyway and we go to the "shop". I find the vibe picks up when its just her and I...

By this time its like 4am. So I pull her aside, more heavy makeout in the street then I just whisper "forget the vodka. I'm taking you home". So we jump in a cab and head to my hotel room.

These guys really care about you succeeding with women, they are not just there to show off. LB for example went out of his way for like an hour past the end of workshop to keep the set alive for me and make sure I got the extraction, which led to a lay. Particular thanks to him, along with the rest of the guys who will gladly do this for you.

Also, this weekend is CHEAP... [the program] is WELL WORTH IT. You look at other weekend workshops, this is the cheapest. Like an NLP weekend workshop, or a sales negotiation workshop would cost double this. "

- Rich B. of London, England