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Lance Mason's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Lance Mason
Lance MasonReal Name: Lance Allen, aka Sensei PUA Affiliation: Pickup101, Art of Attraction Website:

Lance Mason and the PickUp 101 team of experts give men dating advice on how to meet hot women, build rock solid confidence, and double your dating success!
In addition they have also created several different products to help men improve their success with women.

Lance Mason has been teaching men the secrets of meeting and attracting women for over 6 years now. He was featured in the NY times bestseller THE GAME... and his company has been written up in USA Today... San Francisco magazine and many others. Pickup 101 became world famous for our live "in field" workshops, especially our one of a kind daygame workshops.

Lance Mason is a former student of Mystery and co-founder of Pickup 101, a seduction company based in San Francisco that pioneered live training exercises. The company was started in 2004 and is based out of San Francisco. Lance was the Senior Instructor at PickUp 101, and has brought hundreds of guys from 'zero to hero' during his over ten years in the game and three years of full time instruction.

PickUp 101's philosophy is that every man has attractive qualities that can trigger overwhelming attraction in women. By teaching to the individual and providing huge amounts of qualified personal attention, PickUp 101 gives it's clients dramatic results without 'cookie-cutter' techniques and tricks.

PickUp 101's Programs have been praised by respected instructors and coaches worldwide.

Lance focuses on day game, natural game and kino-based techniques. His physical confidence aspects are top notch and he is a frequent speaker at PUA seminars and events.

Now Lanse Mason starting his own company, PickUp 101 Mansion, a collection of pick-up artists living together to improve their lives and their game. The mansion was also once the location for all the PickUp 101 programs.