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Kevin Feng's Biography(Photos)

Kevin Feng
Kevin Feng (aka The Underdog) appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 21 Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI Occupation: Banking Intern Status: One and only girlfriend cheated on him Kevin is your typical college guy. He's athletic, academic, and loves to go to the bar with his friends and have a good time. Although he has a typical College social life, his love life is anything but. Kevin was considered a "late bloomer' being that he went through puberty his senior year of high school. This played a huge part in his confidence with women, not to mention the mean teasing he received. Kevin has been called everything from "Squinty Eyes" and "Jackie Chan", to "Small-Dick McGee". He's never had a problem talking to a woman who is a friend, but once the "hidden agenda" begins to kick in, Kevin finds himself helpless. His love life is non-existent except for a girlfriend he had when he was 18. She was the first girl he kissed or rather kissed him. She had to make the first move because she claimed he was too much of a "wuss". She was also the first and only person he has ever had sex with. That relationship ended in 6 months after she cheated on him and called him pathetic for wanting her back. He has been known to offend girls at times with his sense of humor and lack of boundaries. This problem once ended a date after he compared his dates eating habits to a holocaust victim. After several rejections, negative feedback, mixed signals, and insults, Kevin is ready to throw in the towel. Even after a few drinks, when he's feeling confidant and cool, he's been told he's being creepy. This guy needs help!