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Julian Foxx's Biography(Photos)

Julian Foxx
Make no mistake, Julian Foxx is the Mike Tyson of Pickup.

"Before I was introduced to Julian Foxx I had attended several bootcamps with some very well known pickup 'Guru's.' They seemed exciting at the time and I felt like I was learning useful information, but when it came down to it, I didn't notice any improvement in terms of my success with women... I was pretty jaded after that, but a friend convinced me to study with Julian and I was absolutely blown away. Not just by his ridiculous pickup skills, but by the absolute brilliance of his ideas. And most importantly I almost immediately started to notice a difference with the ladies, which is ultimately the bottom line. Make no mistake, Julian Foxx is the Mike Tyson of Pickup." - Anthony Heinl, Rome, Italy

"I have had the honor to work with many experts in this industry. What I love and respect about Julian is his ability to teach and share info in a way that makes sense and is "normal" when you're ready for significant change and improvement, you're ready to work with Julian." - P.B. NYC

"I used to think of myself as a ladies man. I was very comfortable with women and most of them didn't have a problem sleeping with me on a first date. As time went on and I grew older, I began to lose my edge and women started responding differently towards me. Eventually I lost my confidence completely and soon found myself struggling just to find a date for the weekend.

After studying with Julian Foxx, I began to master a totally unique seduction formula which not only put me back on track, but gave me the tools necessary to never lose my confidence again.

As I continue to follow his genius spin on pick-up artistry, I grow more and more confident that he has the brightest mind in the dating world." - Steve Patterson, La Jolla, CA

"Simply put Julian takes the meaning of the word 'pickup' to a whole new level. I can personally attest to the fact that the unique techniques Julian has developed can make any man (regardless of his looks or financial situation) become truly successful with women. Thank you for helping me to realize and achieve my potential!" - SOULCHARMER. (T.C)

"Julian is an amazing coach, and it comes from him being so much in the field. He has experimented for years with what works and what doesn't in the dating world. He can tell you in few words what you can improve and that counts for a lot. His 'No Flakes' product is the cutting edge of pick up." - Art Malov, New York Dating Coach

Thanks to Julian for being so Groundbreaking, Inspirational, and quite honestly one of the best 'Pickup Artists' who has ever lived. - Acknowledgment for Julian Foxx in Vin DiCarlo's 'The Attraction Code'