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Joseph's Biography(Photos)

Joseph appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 23 Occupation: Caterer

Originally from Minnesota, Joseph has lived in LA for a year. He is a caterer at many weddings, leaving him wondering if he'll ever have his own wedding. With his flamboyant mannerisms and his quirky ways , women tend to think that Joseph is gay. His interests such as musical theater and rhinestone heart sunglasses add to the confusion of his sexuality. His only approach with women is a friendly and quirky, "Hello! Let's be friends!" This has only left him frustrated and stuck in the "friend zone", when truly he wanted more. If there is a girl he really finds attractive, he forgets her as he is intimidated and just gives up. He aims for the friendlier girls who are giggly and nonthreatening, but even then he can't get out of the "friend zone". It didn't help his confidence when he leaned into a girl that was a "friend" and kissed her on the neck, she said "What are you doing? We are friends!" His fear of burning bridges leaves him frozen without spontaneity, instead the girl slips away. Joseph really wants to learn how to take "friends" to the next level.