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Johnny Wolf's Biography(Photos)

Johnny Wolf
Real Name: Derek Affiliation: Johnny Wolf's PUA Blog, ABCs of Attraction Website:,

Johnny Wolf is a lead instructor of the ABCs of Attraction pickup company, as well as the founder of the SoCal Lair and the co-founder of the Global PUA Summit.

Johnny Wolf has been in the community for over a decade. He started out on his own, straying away from the the Asian cultural thinking of traditional marriages and settling for a girl. He realized that there were others doing the same thing after the release of "The Game" in 2005. Johnny Wolf was part of this transformation to mainstream. He founded the California Lair of Pickup Artists, and currently is a coach for ABCs of Attraction.

Johnny Wolf Quotes

Even a lot of Asian guys I've met have a hard time hooking up with Asian girls, and I always thought WTF Man! It's supposed to be easier! But I understand where they come from, since before I figured out the method to get in with the girl and make her chase you and the friends accept you, it was hard for me too. But now it's a piece of freaking cake

But, because the Pick Up Artist Community has done so much for me. There is no way I'm going to abandon it. I promised JT that I'll still teach bootcamps, but on an extremely limited basis, once every three months. I'll still help put together and host the PUA Summit every year, and I'll still update my blog and keep tabs on the community.

I feel like I'm one of the few guys in the community that truly understands where a lot of you are coming from...because I was there. Being an overweight, Asian guy with hair loss, never helped me get girls. I used to look at all the tall good looking white guys and think that we could never have what they have. But I've learned that it doesn't matter, and that we can over come all obstacles. I also learned that they have struggles too and need game as well. A few years ago having a hot blonde girlfriend was like seeing a unicorn, and after having ridden a few now, I realized that they really aren't that magical in the first place.

But I encourage all of you to find your unicorns. It's possible. Just don't get stuck looking forever. Figure out a way to get good at this game, as fast as you can, so you can finally move on. But when you do, don't abandon the community entirely, always remember where you came from and all that it has done for you. Leave it better than you found it, just like we strive to do with women.