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Johnny Soporno's Biography(Photos)

Johnny Soporno
Johnny Soporno lives in Toronto for half the year and divides the remainder between Amsterdam, Prague, Los Angeles, New York City, and Miami. He's a professional management consultant, a lifestyle coach, superintendent of the notorious Satan's School for Girls, co-producer of a late-night show covering the adult entertainment industry, and a crisis manager. He also provides a role model for aspiring social artists who abhor the gym.

"I have never been particularly 'good looking' and have generally been between marginally overweight and clearly obese since my teenage years," Soporno says, "But I always found it was much easier to be attractive and interesting to women than it was to lose weight. If I hadn't been as effective with women, I would have shed all my excess poundage two decades ago."

However, Soporno now follows a healthier lifestyle because life is "way too good to let myself die young!"

He found himself launching a more active dating life when he was twenty. A jealous girlfriend objected to Soporno's platonic relationships with female friends. "Since I had spent my life making friends with the coolest and finest people I had met, I wasn't able to dismiss all my 'Y-chromosome-deficient' friends simply because my live-in girlfriend said I had to," Soporno recalls, "So I began sneaking around to spend social time with them behind her back. I realized that the cost of this, if I was caught, was losing my relationship-and that the cost of actually screwing around was no worse."

Eventually, the unhealthy relationship ended and Soporno began the happy lifestyle he enjoys to this day. But despite having a naturally gregarious personality, Soporno still had to dedicate himself to becoming more socially successful.

"I've always truly loved and appreciated women, but this doesn't mean I was always successful at actually seducing them," he says, "That came with hard work, trial and error, braving rejections, modifying my approaches."

He also underwent an intensive study program that included psychology,anthropology, socio-dynamics, transcendental meditation, neuro-linguistic programming, and other "state-management" techniques.

While Neil Strauss's The Game, Eric Weber's How to Pick Up Girls, and Iceberg Slim's Pimp provided valuable instruction, Soporno's transformation was also due to thick skin, determination, field work, and honest self-evaluation. He remembers "forcing myself to ignore all the ego-bruising of being blown off by a whole city's worth of unapproachable beauties, and continually revisiting my mistakes... I eventually learned on my own how to make myself interesting and disarming, approachable and inviting, and ultimately pretty compelling."

One of the ways Soporno makes himself interesting is through the use of his trademark devil's horns. Bright-red, sizable, and proud, the devil's horns are a study in effective peacocking strategies.