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Joe Spark's Biography(Photos)

Joe Spark
Alias: Joe Spark Real Name: Joe Occupation: Medical Student Place Of Birth: London

Physical Attributes

Height: 5 1/2 ft Weight: 60kg Build: Medium Eye Colour: Brown Hair Colour: Black

Natural Instructor, Joe is also big into inner game, feeling the vibe, vibing on a different frequency, the power of NOW and has many of his own methods, theories and ideas.

Joe is good at making girls chase him and be the noticed guy in a bar.

Greatest Pick Up Moments

- Deep-kissing a girl, on the street, in front of her boyfriend
- Seducing two Russian women behind a tree
- Kissing an Italian model in the street within one minute

A Note From the Trainer

I love seeing students transform before my eyes, and the ones who want it the most inspire me the most