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Jlaix Jeffy's Biography(Photos)

Jlaix Jeffy
Real Name: Jeffrey Lewis Allen Affiliation: Real Social Dynamics Website:

Jeffy aka Jlaix is an instructor and an executive coach for Tyler Durden's company - Real Social Dynamics teaching out of San Francisco, as well as a writer and amateur comedian.

After attending San Francisco State University as an English Literature university student, Jeff (aka "jlaix") became the editor for the Real Social Dynamics E-Course, where he writes articles about his adventures traveling around the world, discovering pickup lines that work, and seducing beautiful women. His particular area of expertise is scoring threesomes; in fact, he spent a entire year having menage-a-trois EXCLUSIVELY in order to develop a strong, consistent skill-set in this area.

As an amateur singer and comedian at several San Francisco nightclubs, Jeff has an amazing ability to captivate an audience, which extends to his interactions with women. Now, he shares his stories and knowledge of attraction LIVE as an Executive Coach at Real Social Dynamics Bootcamps.

Community members began living vicariously through the drama taking place in Project Hollywood, as well as through the distinct writings of Jlaix, a shotgun-toting karaoke-singing, Elvis-looking PUA whom Tyler Durden and Papa had discovered in San Francisco.

Many say that Jeff needs to have a television show or movie made about him, as the interactions that he encounters and the stories about the women that he meets are oftentimes so outrageous and fascinating that you'd truly have to see it to believe it.

While living in a house with several female and male wingmen, Jeff is found going out to the nightclubs to meet girls every single night. Jeff is someone who has tested every possible way you could go about meeting and attracting women until he found what actually works consistently and successfully.

Jeffy is known for his wicked, dark and sometimes strange sense of humor. He lives in San Francisco and practices karaoke during his spare time. Despite a traumatic childhood, Jeffy has risen to become one of the best PUAs in the industry.

"Jeff knew exactly how detrimental each of my mistakes were and how much focus to give to each of them. This was invaluable. My fear of escalating is effectively vaporized. Jeffy gave me MORE than I truly expected. He is ridiculously passionate in connecting with you regarding what it is you want, what to look out for, what to integrate into your lifestyle, and how seriously to take it all. He really puts himself into these programs fully, and he makes sure that you don't leave without feeling a stronger presence within yourself. Overall...I'd say this bootcamp was the beginning of a major turning point in my life that I'd been subconsciously anticipating and preparing for. Jeff's consideration for your growth is overwhelming. That he truly wants to grow WITH you, and devotes himself fully. He took my cloudy, awkward, and forced 'game' and in three nights turned it into a clearly focused, natural force of becoming. "

- Stuart J. From Baton Rouge, USA

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