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Justin "Jdog" Marks is pickup instructor and founder of the Arizona seduction lair, though he is probably best known for being Mystery's co-host on season 1 of VH1's reality TV show, The Pickup Artist. Justin "J Dog" Marks may sometimes look like a punk kid, or even perhaps a rock star.

Justin "Jdog" Marks was born in England (thus the accent). He graduated from university in 1995 with a degree in engineering and worked in telecom. Soon he started his own multi-million engineering company. Despite his business success, he still had little to no success with women. However, he used to be your stereotypical engineer with virtually no success with women whatsoever.

He is the type of individual who focuses on what he wants in life and then sets out to make it happen.

Frustrated but persistent, JDog went on a journey in 2000 into the seduction community. He has since gone on to found the Arizona Pikcup Lair and his own pickup company, and has been featured on season 1 on VH1?s reality TV show, The Pickup Artist. Jdog is known as a leading day game expert and also owns his own in night club venues.

Having been exposed to the seduction community, J Dog travelled to meet and learn from the world's most revered Pickup Artists, such as Mystery, Neil Strauss, Lance Mason, Tyler Durden, and many others. In the process becoming a master and teacher of the art himself, respected and known internationally.

Fans of Neil Strauss' international bestseller, "The Game" might be interested to know that J Dog was actually one of the founding members of the much written about Project Hollywood. J Dog discussed the initial financing for the project with Neil Strauss at Chicken A-Go-Go in LA, and later backed out to persue other adventures. J Dog gave his room to Herbal, who later became a central character to the storyline.

When teaching J-Dog excels at making sure that guys truly understand the material, and are able to apply it to improve their lives. His ability to make positive, lasting, improvements in other peoples' lives is second to none. J-Dog has impeccable communication skills, and is able to relate to students of all ages and backgrounds, especially those who think of themselves as too old or not interested in the nightclub scene.

J Dog's focus is on teaching guys to become naturally more attractive men, through the way they live their lives, and communicate with others. Rather than trying to buy or beg for a woman's attention, and certainly as a better alternative than using social tricks to get women into bed. In this way men tend to find they have more fulfilling relationships and can keep quality women in their life long after the initial "pick up."

Jdog Quotes

People often underestimate the potential of day game. I was able to do so much day game because I ran my own company and I had that freedom.