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Jack Coxwell's Biography(Photos)

Jack Coxwell
Name: Jack Coxwell Age: 21 (23 now)
Height: 5'6'
Weight: 145 lbs.
marital status: Single, not looking (at least not for soul mates)

My story isn't anything you haven't heard before. I was always the short guy growing up, I got picked on a little bit, but once I got to high school and hit the gym that all stopped. But of course, much to my dismay, being a fit guy with a 6 pack didn't catapult women into my arms.

One day some time later a friend of mine passed the book The Game onto me. After reading the story in that book, like many, I became very inspired and wanted a piece of the "pickup artists" action.

About that same time I was also dealing with a nasty break up between me and a girl I had been dating for 4 years. So I felt VERY LOST when it came to dating. I had spent all of my youth with the same girl! This stopped me from getting any experience dating other girls! I remember sitting at home by my self, thinking, "I will never have sex again.." I really didn't see any way for me to be able to meet and attract women... Until I came across the community of course!

I started this website so you can see first hand what it's like learning this art. Sure you can watch the Vh1 show made by Mystery, but it's not practical because they have Mystery and several other coaches helping them out along the way. Unless you have 10 grand a day to dish out, this isn't happening for you. You can watch and learn by us, who are doing it the real way. The cheap college student way! Spending only the money to buy the e-books, and that' s it!

You'll see where we fail, and how we get over our sticking points (I hope!). Or you'll see if we completely give up altogether and agree to be bad with women our entire lives (not happening, well for me at least).

Oh and did I mention? This is all happening in REAL TIME. You can literally post a comment and ask us any question you want, or even suggest a new opener/routine to use. And we just might do it. Because neither of us are Pickup Artists yet. Each episode is posted before the next one even has a frame of footage video taped! So if we succeed and become PUA's, you're going to see it happen as it's actually happening, and hopefully give you a glimpse of what you're going to be looking at when you too decide to take this path (unless you're already on it!).


Jack Coxwell (founder/president)