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Hypnotica's Biography(Photos)

Also Knows as: Rasputin Real Name: Eric Von Sydow Affiliation: Real World Seduction Website:

Hypnotica, real name Eric Von Sydow, is a pickup artist known for the hypnosis based seduction techniques that he pioneered. He was featured in The Game under the name "Rasputin", and has an uncanny resemblance to the X-men character, Wolverine.

One of the bad boys of hypnotism and reportedly still works as a bouncer at the Pure Platinum Strip Club in San Diego.

Rasputin was a strip club bouncer with mutton-chop sideburns who looked like a steroid-jacked Wolverine. [Rasputin and Steve P.] met in a bookstore while both reaching for the same NLP book. Now they worked as a team and were among the most powerful hypnotists in the world.

Hypnotica is the "Inner Game Guru", and has been considered one of the Godfathers of the Dating Community for over a decade, and is on the cutting edge of sexual relations.

This Wolverine look-alike PUA is another inner game master made famous by the book "The Game". We met Hypnotica before that in 2001 and a group hypnosis session he and another community legend, Steve P, ran through with us is probably still changing us to this day subconsciously! He knows the meaning of having an "ultimate frame" and he knows how to help you live in the ultimate frame as well.

Hypnotica has raised the bar to another level: For the first time ever, he will discuss his secret methods of "The 2 Minute" Seduction. He has never shared this before on any platform.

P.S. There are rumors that Hypnotica may also show up with an entourage of hot strippers...

[Steve P & Hypnotica are working on putting together something really special for one of the seminar evenings... more on that soon!]

Hypnotica regularly works with large groups and also does phone coaching.

Hypnotica will SHATTER your limiting beliefs about what is possible in our realm. Witnessing Hypnotica, you will never be the same again, as the door will open to a universe with endless possiblities, where YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO TRULY BELIEVE you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Hypnotica Quotes

If a woman wants to give me a blow job I tell her, "You only get three sucks. And you may only go down as far as you receive pleasure." Afterward, I tell her, "Didn't that feel nice? Next time, you get five sucks."