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Helen Seporsky's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Helen Seporsky
Helen Seporsky has been a freelance journalist since 2006. Her work has consistently been of the highest order. She has proactively pitched articles and produced high quality work to tight deadlines. With excellent research skills and an ever-growing network of contacts she has sourced and conducted high-profile interviews with key figures in the fashion, beauty and music industries.

Helen Seporsky about herself:

I'm passionate about many subjects and will write extensively about any of them. Current things that fascinate me include the psychology and ideas behind the fashion/pickup scenes, the natural world, and now that I am seeing a lot of the world through my work as a model- travelling.

I keep a regularly updated my blog where I write about my life and post up my latest pictures and outtakes. I am also working on two novels, one of my ambitions being to have them published.

In my first year studying Creative Writing at university, I was spotted by a talent scout and began a career in alternative modelling (while constantly pinching myself!) Over the next three years, my passion grew and I now bridge many genres, including fashion, fetish and art-nude- where my pale skin and waist-length red hair have become my trademarks.

To discuss a project with me, send me a message via my contacts page and I'll try to respond within a day or two. (If I'm travelling this may take a little longer)