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Glenn P's Biography(Photos)

Glenn P
Glenn P. - Head Coach and Day Game Specialist (New York City) and NYC based lead coach of the Brad P - Underground Dating Seminars.

Brad's #1 student. He has been coaching for UDS since Nov. 2006. So far we've had rave reviews about his coaching. You can get your own 1 on 1 session with Glenn or catch him at one of his group workshops.

From the very popular ThunderCat Seduction blog (2009):

J wrote:

Glenn P is the best new PUA. I don't think he's new in terms of the community, but for blowing up this's got to be him since Brad's company just blew up too. He's Brad P's coach out here in NYC. He's made a name for himself based on his reputation...he rarely post on the boards if ever...he's been idle and only works with Brad's 30/30 members now. Each of his workshops sell out and his reviews are great. I've worked with him and he pretty much runs the workshop for 6-8 guys with assistant coaches helping along the way.

Why do I think he's so good? Well his postings are all value add. He replied to people's post. I've actually used his eye contact post

Every guy that gets into the community is scared of the hottest girls - he has a post on that too!

He has a bunch of podcast on ApproachAnxiety and audio field reports of him in action from opening, to flirting, to closing. I could put them here but you need to dig and look this guy up cause he's the real deal.

His workshops consistently help guys get laid or push them far beyond their limits. He's a very spiritual guy and has a successful career...he's definitely doing this for the self-help aspect of it for the guys out there. Glenn was once like us. But he's worked hard and has even contributed to LoveSystems Routine's Manual coming up with some new stuff.

Also, he does lair lectures. I hear lots of guys get something out of them. You can see his reviews:

If he's not the best new PUA, he's definitely on his way to the rankings if he keeps his eyes on the prize...but I don't think he really even cares...