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Fred's Biography(Photos)

Fred appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 45 Occupation: Sales

Fred says he's 'proud' about being a virgin at 45 years old -- however, he really wants to fall in love. He's a mattress salesman that works very odd and long hours. The last date he claims to have had was last 1999. And his last kiss, 1998, which apparently led to nothing. One of his main problems, outside of confidence, is probably the fact that he's more of a talker than a listener. At 45, Fred does not have the body he did when he was younger, and he doesn't expect for women to love him with his shirt off. Fred is a good guy and loves to have fun. With him, you get a karaoke partner for life He loves having a blast, singing tunes and taking center stage. Being on this show could turn this 45 year old virgin into the stud he dreams of and hopefully help him fall in love!