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Frank Kermit
Long recognized as a teacher of seduction principles, Frank Kermit recently had a life-changing experience: He found the greatest woman he had ever met. Now, he has made the decision to marry that woman. How does a guy go from wild success at seducing many women to living life focused on one great woman? Living up to his name, Frank shares his experiences and his wisdom in making a very profound--but in his mind welcome--lifestyle change. Listen in to this powerful discussion for the secret to long-term resolution of what it means to buy in to the seduction lifestyle. This is about having real "field vision" into a full life of ultimate success with women from day one...all courtesy of one of the most genuine guys in the business. Don't wait for this kind of candor on any other program other than VIRTUOSITY because you will be waiting a long time to hear the truth on this topic anywhere else.