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Entropy's Biography(Photos)

Entropy is professional dating coach, pick up artist, social explorer, musician, world traveler, part-time homebody and closet nerd.

"Entropy is awesome. He has what I call 'unexplainable' game. It looks different when he does the same things other people do and he breaks a lot of rules. He's massively underrated."
- Sinn, Former Lead Instructor for Mystery Method, Founder of Sinns of Attraction

"Entropy has some of the tightest game I've ever seen."
- DJFuji, Lead Instructor of

"As a coach, he is so fucking good. And as a PUA he is better than most instructors out there. I wish more guys could do what he does."
- El Topo, Former Instructor for Mystery Method, Founder of The Red Stack

As with most guys who get into this stuff, I was brought here because of a sob-story. In the summer of 2005, I had been with my girlfriend for four years, one of which had been long distance. She was my first love and I planned on marrying her once I finished college.

She left me for a guy she had known for a mere three weeks. Everything I knew and believed about women shattered. For the next two months I became very depressed.

That fall I stumbled onto the seduction community. I took to it like an unhealthy habit and began going out 5-6 nights a week. I did this for almost two years.

At first, my successes were motivated greatly by validation. But as I handled my inner game issues along the way, my intentions transformed into that of more authentic and open relationships. I believe that every guy is unique, therefore he should game women in a unique manner. I also believe in practicality -- do what works, no more, no less -- models and theories be damned. And most of all, have fun doing it.