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Dj Fuji's Biography(Photos)

Dj Fuji
Real Name: Darren Fuji Affiliation: The Tao of DJ Fuji

Voted the "Best of the New Blood" in 2009, DJ Fuji was the former chief instructor for Mehow Inc and now runs his own company teaching long term training and the core fundamentals that most of the seduction community lacks.

DJ Fuji is a former Mehow Inc instructor, who now operates his own pickup company. He is known for successfully helping virgins and other hard cases expand their options with women, as well as dealing with the challenges of being an Asian pick up artist.

DJ Fuji is also social arts instructor and lifestyle coach dedicated to changing lives. Not content to merely teach tactics and theory, DJ Fuji customizes his training for each student to give them the core fundamentals necessary to achieve consistent, real-world results in their personal and dating/relationship lives. The former chief instructor for Mehow Inc, he's helped thousands of students transform their lives and expand their options with women, find girlfriends, and even get married.