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Decker's Biography(Photos)

Someone has got to be teaching something really impressive for me to want to leave my cosy apartment in San Francisco and take their live workshop. And Travis Decker is definitely that impressive, because I took his Authentic Man Workshop and was truly blown away at the incredible information he shared.

We as guys are always told to "be ourselves" when it comes to attracting women. But what does that really mean? And what if women flat-out fail to respond favorably when we make an honest effort at "being ourselves"? If you have ever been haunted by this concept you are certainly not alone. Just about every man wrestles with this in a major way, and if you are one of them then Decker is your man. His recent interview with David DeAngelo was one of the most powerful I've heard in recent memory. Upon listening to it I knew immediately that inviting him to be a part of VIRTUOSITY was a must.

Decker is a great teacher and incredible at getting people to experience real, deep transformational change.