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Debonaire Dave's Biography

Debonaire Dave
Debonair Dave focuses his time and energy on the intersection of pulling beautiful women and growing global businesses.

In the world of women and pick up "Debonair" Dave has been maintaining an average of 4-5 multiple long-term low-drama relationships with foxy women or the past 7 years. He's been featured on several national and nternational network television shows pulling women, shagging women,maintaining women, and discussing relationships.

To his knowledge "Debonair" Dave is the only guy in the Mens Group Community that has gotten laid in prime time on national network television seen by over 40 million people. Other "Debonair" Dave highlights include shagging 5 women in 1 week, 11 number closes in 1 night, 3-somes with models, and over 500 posts on NYC specific lair groups.

In the world of business, "Debonair" Dave owns and manages 5 businesses. They include an emerging markets consulting firm, an emerging markets investment firm, a digital publishing company, an alternative energy hedge product firm, and an innovation company. He has worked across 40 countries and generated average value for clients in the tens of millions of dollars.

"Debonair" Dave no longer offers any seduction products or services to the Mens Group Community. Instead he writes posts at the most active 100% non-commercial NYC-focused Mens Group Community forum at (join it!) and speaks upon invitation to deepen his own learning.

"Debonair" Dave is looking to meet new cool, natural, successful guys that can help provide connections to further both his businesses and his pursuit of incredibly beautiful, intelligent, and sexy women.