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David M
Real Name: David M.
Affiliation: Insider Internet Dating Website:

For those who have seen David DeAngelo's Meeting Women Online program, then you would be well familiar with Dave M. He's a guru that has revolutionized online dating through a systematic program for getting dates, sex, and girlfriends from online dating.

A regularly featured speaker at PUA suminars, David M. specializes in online dating. While the rest of the gurus were in the clubs and in field, he was developing a systematic program for getting dates, sex, and girlfriends from online dating sites.

The Insider Internet Dating system outlines the process and contingencies from first phone call to what to do on a first date. For this reason the product is popular among AFCs and mainstream as many guys use online dating as a way to compete with the more socially alpha guys. David M. argues that even the best PUAs can benefit from the online gaming system, because the internet represents an opportunity to automate and scale out the process of pickup.

Dave M has been helping men meet women online and then actually meet them offline in order to have the kind of relationship with women that you truly want.

He's also an expert on exactly what you should say on the crucial first phone call and what's most effective to do on the first date (the transition from online to offline). He also teaches how to recognize online freaks and serial daters, and how to handle inner game for the online arena.

David M. Quotes

Having a killer profile -- but no killer strategies when sending out e-mails or making the first phone call or going on the first date -- can lead to incongruence, which equals dating failure. You gotta know what to do every step of the way. My style is all about charm. Its about being cocky and funny but in the right situations... and all the while adding charm so she can't help but dig you.

Remember the profile is there as a reference. Its like a brochure the salesman gives you. Odds are you'll look thru it and if its got nice pictures and some interesting words then it helps.