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Dave Riker
Dave Riker is a better spokesman for Speed Seduction than Ross Jeffries - who I hate at times but other times think is great. Dave comes across as a solid likeable guy.

One of the most useful parts of Dave Riker's course is Conversation Management where it helps you to steer conversation topics from normal stuff to deeper and sexual topics. The best advice he gives is that it may take several tries to go from shallow topics to deep ones and you are unlikely to get there in one a conversation may go shallow, medium, deep, very deep then reach a dead end and back to medium then deep then dead end back to shallow etc etc. He explains that much better.

I still love the realistic attitude and I liked the way Dave said that guys should not go around expecting 10s and should lower their sights for 6s and 7s! He said that you'll have a very hard time finding a 10 and even 10s in real life don't look like the 10s from Playboy etc. Speed Seduction is considered 'fringe' stuff by a lot of the community and has a bit of a bad rep.It's still not quite as 'out there' as The Sexual Key which I will review one day (if I get the time)

One thing I plan to do once I get back to more PUA life is to buy a digital recorder and just record loads of conversations I have. I have a feeling my diction is not clear and my volume may be too low. I also need to guage how much tone control I have I'm probably very monotone. I am definitely aware that at times I speak too fast and the speed is constant which can be over-powering.

I think so far the course has opened up my awareness. One neat thing I do when walking down a street is to tell myself how to describe everday objects in more descriptive terms. Instead of seeing a blue car - I'm saying to myself that's a small, glistening metallic blue car. Just pile on the adjectives! Hopefully it's leading to more descriptive and richer conversation