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Dan Bacon's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Dan Bacon
Dan Bacon is Australia's Leading Dating Experts: Coaching Modern Men to Success With Women, Dating & Relationships

Dan Bacon is the CEO, expert, dating coach and head spokesperson for, who provide expert dating advice and coaching for men. As seen on TV - watch free videos now! How to be Cocky & Funny With Women, by Using Cocky And Funny Lines Attract Women.

Dan Bacon appeared on The Morning Show on Channel 7. After conducting a survey that included more than 42,000 thousand men from over 20 countries worldwide, it was found that Hollywood movies and TV sitcoms were confusing men about what women wanted.

Some of the most common pieces of feedback from the men who were surveyed include:

* I just don't want to be rejected by a woman the way I see it happening in movies.
* These days, women seem so loud, obnoxious and arrogant. I certainly don't want to be on the end of a verbal attack from a woman if I approach her and she doesn't like me.
* I see it all the time on TV shows - women just seem to have all the power in the dating scene. Frankly, I'm scared of being shot down by this need breed of modern woman because.
* After my last break-up, I tried approaching women in bars, but I got rejected heavily. Why do women make it so hard for us guys to meet them?

Dan was contacted and asked to give his opinion on a new dating survey suggesting that bad boys are preferred by women. While Dan agreed that bad boys do attract women, he disagreed with the recommendations of the study, which suggested that to be successful with women - men should be deceitful and selfish like bad boys.

The weekly news comedy show 'Good News Weekly' talked about a recent survey complete by The survey, which included more than 42,000 men from over 20 countries found that men were unsure if women actually wanted to be approached in bar and club environments.

This of course is one of the reasons why women have recently been complaining about a 'man drought' in many countries.

A Current Affair, Channel 9

After learning of The Modern Man through the grapevine, Channel Nine's A Current Affair called with a challenge: Give 3 Melbourne guys a crash on meeting and attracting women, live on camera. The catch: The Modern Man would only have ONE hour to coach the 3 brave volunteers.

Challenge accepted! After only 1-hour of coaching from Dan, Ben and Stu at a local restaurant, the 3 brave volunteers began approaching, meeting and attracting women at a nearby nightclub.

Singles TV, Foxtel

Dan, Ben and Stu from The Modern Man recently appeared on Singles TV to chat briefly about some of the changes in the modern dating scene. They also spent 1-hour coaching a 'shy guy' named Brent, before he tried out his skills on women at a nearby bar.

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Dan Bacon has appeared on many radio stations over the years to talk about many dating and relationship issues facing modern men.