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Cory Skyy
Cory Skyy's (aka Badboy With A Heart) teachings are controversial, no doubt. Considering he firmly believes in a man's ability to attract women to himself without even saying anything, that's understandable. But that's the thing about the skills and mindsets that contribute to the very highest level of success with women--the results so transcend what the average man even deems possible that the ideas and strategies involved are often passed off as pure hype. There are few guys in the world of men's seduction advice who would even dare talk about what is discussed in this particular audio program. But rest assured...if you can get your head around the information shared you will find yourself not just on another plane but in an entirely new dimension with women. You are about to experience "attraction" and "seduction" from a mind-blowing new perspective. Perhaps ironically, this is likely the way it was meant to be and the way women most want it to be. Cory's focus is on seductive eye contact. His company, Bad Boy With a Heart, is making big splashes with it's simple and unique seduction method. Cory doesn't teach you how to pick-up women, he teaches you how to get women to pick you up! He completely throws out the routines manual and puts major emphasis on body language and eye contact through what he calls "eye game."