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Christophe's Biography

As a world-class guitarist in an internationally acclaimed rock & roll band, Christophe traveled the world meeting attractive women. After attending university in Paris, Christophe became one of the founding computer programmers of one of the world's most popular software applications.

Christophe still found the urge to help people meet attractive women. After traveling around the world with Papa and Tyler before Real Social Dynamics was founded, Christophe seduced some of the world's hottest babes.

As a personal coach at several Real Social Dynamics Live Programs, Christophe helped several clients in the field to discover the intricate secrets of attractive women of particular beauty. After gaining several Excellent evaluations from clients, Christophe enrolled in the Executive Coach Training Program at Project Hollywood Mansion.

Soon, Christophe became one of the main Instructors running Bootcamps in San Francisco. Offering a unique perspective of attractive women, social proof, and international cultural perspectives, training through a Live Program with Christophe will be both fun and awe-inspiring.

"It [the Bootcamp] was a great experience. Christophe is very supportive and motivating. He keeps reminding me of my sticking points so I can overcome them. Repetition definitely helps to remember the material. The material is very good. I now have a structure to follow.

Before, I had no plan of action whatsoever. We identified my major sticking points and now I know what to practice on. Also, I got some good clothes and made definite progress; and I got some great pointers on body language and fashion. I learned some good openers and good pointers on body language mistakes that I was making.

Christophe observes my sets [interactions with groups of women], gives good observations, and puts a positive frame on things.

And I approached more girls in one night than I did in the past 3 years. I got some really good experience, but the most important thing is that I am now aware of what's going on. I'm noticing my body language... and I'm learning to gauge and adjust my game."

- Max K. from St. Helena, CA, USA