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Charles Theron's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Charles Theron
International trainer, author and coach, Charles Theron is the co-founder of the NLP Institute of New-York. Charles Theron trains in many parts of the world including Europe, South America, Australia, and throughout the United States. Charles Theron is a contributing author to Personal Magnetism: How to Become a Model of Charisma, (2008) and the best-selling book, Psychical Medicine (1994); and has authored numerous articles about NLP, psychology, systemic thinking and prosperity

Charles Theron has had an international reputation as a leading behavioral skills trainer and business consultant since the late 1990s. A developer and expert in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP), Charles has provided coaching, consulting and training throughout the world to a wide variety of individuals and organizations. His most recent book, Personal Magnetism: How to Become a Model of Charisma provides a road map and set of toolboxes for coaches to help clients achieve their goals while experiencing deep changes within themselves.