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Chad Manning's Biography(Books)(Photos)

Chad Manning
Let me introduce myself... I'm Chad Manning. I am a small dicked, T-5 paraplegic with a speech impediment. I'm currently studying at Uni to get my Bachelor of Biotechnology, learning all about the "Biology and Chemistry of Man". I have also been working as a "Male Lifestyle Coach" on Campus because I've learned how to play "The Game" and win. My grades have fallen as a result, and so I'm writing this book for all of you guys whom still need my help. I have imparted a piece of myself, my knowledge, and skill set within this Honest-E-Book.

I wasn't always a 4 wheeled player though. In high school I was very shy. I rarely dated girls and could never muster up the courage to ask a girl for a date. The few dates that I did have were blind dates arranged by my friends, and those women were war pigs (bitter creatures that are the size of a whale calf & whine like a pig because no man will lay them, wonder why! A word of advice, never get a gay friend to set you up, thanks Patrick.) Overall I had a miserable life in high school as far as girls were concerned.

I decided to learn everything there was to know about women and after dealing with my own insecurities, I questioned/interrogated all the women I could. I talked to nearly a hundred women about what works with them in holding their interest with guys. They were very helpful; especially when they found out I would publish a manual for men on how to handle women. They felt men could use all the help they could get and they all agreed the advice and philosophies published here in this manual... one actually said "Chad, You're helping us by teaching Men out there the truth. Like, we have guys that use the same approaches and games, all wanting a fuck. All I want is an Honest Man Damn it!"

It took me several months to intense dating, analysis and learning how to handle women. But I did learn and what I learned works. Once I found out what to do I changed from a lonely and unhappy geek to a MAN who makes out with the kind of gorgeous women most guys can only dream about.

Enough about me, I'll assume that you want more success with women. Otherwise you wouldn't have read this far. I want to give you the mindset needed to be successful, so the "techniques" are embedded throughout the eBook as I "Talk Story," not because I'm dictating this with speech to text software,(which I am) but because I'm a lazy prick who can't be bothered editing, & more importantly once you are in the right frame of mind, any "techniques" required are rather intuitive. I want to give the feel of a one-on-one coaching/storytelling session.

Can you "hear" me Now?

TESTING... 1... 2... 1... 2...


I've done countless hours of research, and I've written it so that even a 12 year old should be able to understand and apply my concepts, and if you are still having problems, don't hesitate to e-mail me, my address is on the cover. Please do yourself a favor buy read this text from start to finish without skipping the middle...or everything won't fit into place at the end... I also recommend that we revisit this at the end of the chapter afterwards and take notes for study. (Yeah right, you're too busy masturbating to your fantasies...)

Then go out, enjoy yourself and start practicing. Just go out there and have fun!

First things first, Decide what you want and go get it. I choose to immerse women in my World & they can choose whether to stay or not. I know that I want to go into biotechnological research and I'm not going to change my plans for any Pussy, pair of breasts, or pretty face. She can take it or leave it and if she doesn't like it, she can go fuck herself, (& send me the recorded DVD, I like to watch ;).