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C Kellogg
Thanks for checking out my bio. Nowadays, everyone gets a ton of emails from so many so sources it is confusing to know who is really good with women and has this part of their life figured out and who is just a marketer trying to make a quick buck. Even before I was good with women, I've always felt that half of the guys who are so called "seduction guru's" couldn't actually go out and meet hot women if their lives depended on it (I've since realized not only was I right, but it is much more than half who can not!). So with that said, I think a lot of this space is filled with marketing guys and guys who talk a big game but never have to back it up. You deserve better than that.

Simply put, you want to learn from someone who can help you finally...

I created PUA Forum in 2005 to show guys like yourself exactly how to attract, seduce and keep high quality women in your life..... I love the discussion on the forums between guys who are at various levels of the 'game'. Asking advice and ALSO helping out other guys is truly one of the secrets to getting results with women. But, you also need to stay subscribed to my newsletter where I personally give you my secret strategies, tips and advice on how I reached what I consider absolute success with women and dating. I feel incredibly confident right now, but only because I've made just about every mistake that a guy can make on this little journey of self-improvement. I consider myself an expert at women and dating, but my definition of an expert is someone who's made (and learned from) every mistake possible. So I want to help you avoid the mistakes I made and get to your desired state as easy as possible. That's right. I help you avoid the mistakes.

Women have always fascinated me. I think this is why it was easy for me to become really good so quickly. With some simple techniques and strategies, I was easily transforming my dating life to a level completeness that I had previously only dreamed of achieving. And the funny thing that I learned along the way, is it wasn't nearly as hard as most of the so called gurus where saying it was. Simply by applying a few simple techniques, you could get consistent results with women that you had previously thought were out of your league. Basically you can have...

After I reached what I would consider absolute success with women and dating (I define this as total choice with women, having multiple amazing women in my life, and overcoming most if not all of my fears related to approaching women, having amazing relationships, not feeling jealous of other guys and ultimately these women choosing to stay in my life) I realized that a lot of guys really wanted this information and felt like it would save them time, FRUSTRATION and even some money. These are the same guys who are willing to contribute to my forum and trust me enough to invest in the products that I recommend. Before I learned this stuff the right way, everything I tried was confusing, complicated and just didn't work. But I have to tell you, it is actually...

As crazy as it sounds, I've pretty much mastered attracting and dating women and I won't lie it was pretty freaking satisfying to have multiple new relationships at any given time. Nothing is better than seeing an amazingly hot women and knowing that you have not only the skills to attract her, but also the personality and goods to back it up and forge a relationship with her beyond just that night. And the thing is, with just a few simple techniques and internal strategies; it is much, MUCH easier than you could imagine to become that guy that she wants.

But there is a catch. If you do get really good with women, you will attract and become intimate with quite a few amazing women. The type of women that you've always wanted in your life and now that you are who you've always wanted to be, they will want to stay in your life also! So the problem with that is you actually enjoy spending time with these women and frankly pretty soon your 'stable is full' to use an analogy. Don't get me wrong; this is a FANTASTIC problem to have. Now, I did find a way to manage dating about five women at a time, but after a few years of that I realized that I had met the woman of my dreams and I have since decided to settle down with just her.