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Brady's Biography(Photos)

Brady appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

Age: 24 Occupation: Photographer

Brady works in all of the hottest clubs in town, no he is not the bartender, or the promoter for the club nor does he work the front door; he is the photographer taking pictures of all of the beautiful people in the club. This way Brady being the shy guy that he is can hide behind his camera. He says that he feels paralyzed when a girl starts to put the moves on him and that he feels awkward coming onto to girls and asking for their number. Even when a girl starts to hit on him he has no idea what to do. Brady says that he can only take so much rejection before he eventually stops trying to hit on girls. He also says that he knows that his past relationships have failed because of him. He wants to be able to sweep a girl off of her feet and be the guy of some girls dreams and not just the guy that she guesses that she likes.