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Brad Rsd's Biography

Brad Rsd
As part of the nu-RSD core instructors, Brad has been making a great deal of noise within the company and community at large.

His chill style incorporating physicality, vocal tonality, and body language is an example of how natural game SHOULD look.

While learning and winging with the RSD Instructors in multiple cities around the US and now Europe including: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, and Dublin, Brad has built his game and demo skills so that they are now as consistent as they come.

Making his way from bootcamp client to instructor in just under a year is an attribute to his passion for the game, and his work ethic that he utilizes in both continually learning more, and when coaching his clients.

This zeal for the game has been a big part for why his programs have been a huge success.

"Brad is the proverbial "shit". Kick-ass game, superior work ethic, solid values."

- Jeffy, RSD Instructor

"Certain things just can't be taught in writing or in a DVD series. Take physicality for example. It conveys so many of the right things to a girl. From leading, to being comfortable with your sexuality, it is so important when moving an interaction forward. And the only way to properly critique and demonstrate physical game is IN PERSON."

- Brad

"She walks into my house and I use the move Brad suggested on bootcamp. I grab her, throw her against the wall and make with her. Pick her up and take her to my bed. No words exchanged!"

- Mike from Mississippi, USA

"Brad was doing his thing and in under 20 seconds he's making out with her, she's grinding on him, just completely amazing."

- Giovanni from Puerto Rico