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Blair Warren's Biography(Photos)

Blair Warren
In case you haven't heard about him yet, Blair Warren is a television producer, writer, marketing consultant and self described "voracious student of human nature".He's been working in the field of television production and marketing for nearly 20 years, producing over 300 half-hour episodes and nearly 50 one-hour episodes of niche programming. Blair has also worked on countless commercials, promotional tapes and marketing campaigns for such clients as Diamond Shamrock, La Quinta Inns and Suites, The Cancer Therapy and Research Center, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Old Milwaukee Beer.

During a brief hiatus from television (92-94), Blair was a Programmer Analyst for Shell Oil, where he worked on high-level computer system designs as well as provided technical field support for some of their refineries onsite computer systems. He said, "While I loved the work, I soon found myself longing for the excitement, unpredictability and freedom that television had provided me, so I hung up my programmer hat and haven' looked back".

The move has allowed Blair to not only exercise his "creative side" but has given him ample time to pursue his near-obsessive fascination with human nature. On of the outcomes of his fascination was The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion as a six week e-class taught in 2003 and 2004 for as much as $1,950. (Now it is available as an affordable e-book. Click here to view more details.)
One of the interesting by-products of the economic challenges facing people today is a spike in interest in perhaps People are going back to basics, sharpening the tools to do a better job...or get a better job Recently Blair Warren's course, The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion has become a hot item as people are finding more ways to become better at persuading and influencing others. Here are links to some of Blair's articles about persuasion.

A Forbidden Answer by Blair Warren

As you may know, the impetus behind The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion material was as follows: Some cult leaders and con artists can convince people to do virtually anything while the masses struggle to persuade others in even the most trivial of matters. What do these people know that the masses do not? In The Forbidden Keys to PersuasionI teach the concept of Hidden Addictions. These are unconscious needs we have that, when fulfilled, create a strong sense of reciprocity between people. Hidden addictions are extremely powerful, yet underappreciated, or worse, totally ignored, by almost every would-be persuader. Instead, people look for holy grail of high tech persuasion solutions

Kubrick, Context and Persuasion by Blair Warren

One of the lessons in The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion focuses on the power of context. The reason is simple: context is one of the most overlooked aspects of communication. Especially persuasive communication. People often spend far more time and money honing the specifics of their message than they do contemplating the...

Excerpts from The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion by Blair Warren

From Lesson 1 on The Ugly Truth: The truth is, everyone is a manipulator. Good people, bad people, young people, old people. None of us can escape this one. If we are going to survive, we are going to manipulate. Of course, no one likes to think of themselves this way. Sure, other people manipulate,

Learning from the Masters by Blair Warren

From lesson 4 of The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion: The triggers that cause us to make the assumptions we do are dynamic and subject to an untold number of influences such as our personal histories, our intentions and desires, our immediate circumstances and the like. This is the reason that formulas like the ones Steve...

The Achilles Heel of the Human Mind by Blair Warren

From lesson 1 of The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion: People have been searching for the keys to the human mind since the beginning of time. And since the birth of psychology many have laid claim to having found them. Abraham Maslow developed one of the best-known theories. Maslow identified five basic needs that drove human...