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Big Will's Biography(Photos)

Big Will
"It becomes blatantly obvious once you see it happening in front of you."

So the time came to talk to more girls and I talked to a couple more, things were going okay until finally I came upon a girl at a salsa club. She was waiting for someone and after a minute or so, we started talking about her childhood and in another minute, she gave me her phone number. 8 months with the other systems had render little results. One day with this and I number closed with it.

So after talking to a few more girls we called it a night. Will was tired, I was bushed and our couple of days were coming to a close. We came back and reviewed for a bit and I was really pumped. I was glad to finally have a real simple system in my hands. It was nice to actually be able to relax and not have to open 40 sets a week just to get somewhere. Will told me we would talk more and I was glad to hear it.

I know there's so much more that I need to learn, but for now, I feel like I've really got the start of a system that is for real. I feel like it's just a normal way of dealing with women. Seeing ones who look at you and going over and getting to know them. That's awesome. Will saved me years of frustration as well trial and error He was right there with me every step of the way and gave it to me the way it was no holds barred like only an expert could. - Andrew, 24, Pennsylvania