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Beachmuscles's Biography(Photos)

Anthony Johnson ( aka beachmuscles, aka dream) is a young college student, blogger, and director of the world's leading men's success convention. The 21 Convention is his best known work, which has been held successfully in Orlando,FL for 3 consecutive years.

Not surprisingly, Anthony also run's where all convention footage is released annually, free to the world, in streaming high definition- with no external banner ads, no e-mail collection, and no charges, ever.

Year round speakers from the convention post their best content on the site- making for one of the world's most popular men's success blogs. Topics range from dating and relationships, to exercise, nutrition- and more.

The 21 Convention has become so popular Anthony is now bringing the convention to a multi-national level- starting in Stockholm, Sweden where the support for such an event is nothing short of astounding.

Anthony is currently focusing on organizing The 21 Convention 2010 (US) and Swedish events- as well as considering future events elsewhere in the world. There is also a Peter Murphy documentary on the event currently in production, going behind the scenes and figuring out exactly what took place over the course of the first 3 years.

Anthony is now in his fourth year of school at the University of Central Florida, studying a mix of entrepreneurship, health sciences, and education.