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Andy Hodge
My name is Andy Hodge and we are going to be talking about how you are going to find even more women to date. Now I don't mean any women, but specifically those women that you fancy, those that you used to find unattainable, in fact the women of your deepest desires. Not only this but we are going to look at ways that will get them to beg for the pleasure of your company.

Before we go on though there are some health warnings that you might want to consider. This system:

o Is not about getting women to do anything they don't want
o Is not about lying, cheating or manipulating
o Is about treating women with respect
o Is about presenting you in your best light and giving women the opportunity to see you as an option for them having a brilliant time
o Is quick, fun and easy, but does require practice
o Will challenge you and get you to examine how you treat and are treated by others, women specifically

If you don't want to have a great time changing your beliefs and getting people generally and women specifically to treat you differently then please don't bother reading any further.