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Andrew Bradbury's Biography(Photos)

Andrew Bradbury
Andrew Bradbury is NLP coacher and NLP expert, he demonstrates how competence in them enables us to develop clearer thinking, improve communication skills and establish better rapport with colleagues at meetings and presentations.

Andy Bradbury is Author of NLP books "Develop your NLP Skills" and "Successful Presentation Skills".

Andy Bradbury in his own words:

I'm the Andy Bradbury who runs "Honest Abe's NLP Emporium". I'm a social psychologist who strayed into the wicked world of NLP via General Semantics, with the deliberate intention of shiocking my friends, acquaintances, colleagues and teddy bears. (It didn't work.) I walked out of my Master Prac. training because it seemed *to me* that the trainers had strayed from the path of authentic NLP. (Turned out I was right.) I spend most of my time nowadays writing and thinking about what's at the heart of authentic NLP. Last weekend I found out. Oh frabjous day, Caloo, calay! ;-)