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Alex William Shelley's Biography(Photos)

Alex William Shelley
Alex appeared on VH1's reality TV show The Pick-up Artist.

The Horrible-Dressing Hipster who still lives with his parents.
Age: 22 Hometown: Owasso, Ok Nickname: Lalex, Hipster, Black Whiteboy Occupation: Janitor at Interior Design Store Status: Virgin, lives with Parents Alex gets lots of attention, but never gets any girls to take him seriously. He always gets girls to be a really good friend with him, but it never goes any further. His last girlfriend was his prom date in high school, which was four years ago. His little sister helped hook him up with her. It never really went anywhere. Like most prom dates, it ended at graduation. He is a 4th year sophomore at Tulsa Community College. Alex is a 22-year-old virgin. When he goes out, he drinks and parties to loosen up. However, the only thing that ends up happening is drunken kisses and vulgar pickup lines that make him look bad, always. He enjoys being the life of the party. He likes to entertain and be funny. Alex is always funny, even when he is not trying to be. This is partially because of the awkward pauses and emphasizes in his speech along with the "okie" accent. Alex thinks he is the coolest dressed guy in all of Oklahoma. He has champagne taste on a beer budget because of his unique style. He will spend a majority of his paychecks on one item off eBay. The rest of the time, Alex can often be found lurking in the Tulsa thrift stores in the bad parts of town. It's hard for him, being such a hipster, to still live at home with his parents and little sister. Girls don't seem to like that. He would rather spend more money on himself than a girl. He needs to work on that. Alex is obsessed with the 80's. He loves the very over-the-top female singers and neon everything that came with the cool of the 80's. Alex is a great guy that loves his friends and family, but he really loves to party. This show could really help Alex to overcome his partying ways that girls don't take seriously. He would like to be able to have the confidence to approach a girl he doesn't know and win her over. It would be entertaining to see him stumble and pick himself back up. He wants to find the girl of his neon dreams to dance with at the club.