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Adam Eason's Biography(Photos)

Adam Eason
Adam Eason is a leading UK Hypnotherapist,Hypnotic Motivational Speaker, Certified clinical hypnotherapist, master hypnotist and author.

Adam Eason author of Secrets of Self-Hypnosis, Hypnotic Salesman, Ultimate Confidence and other books Main professional areas of Adam Eason are : Hypnosis; Motivation; Personal Development

Adam Eason aims to hold an on-line campaign to help anyone who wants to quit smoking or lose weight during January 2009. The event will be backed up with blogs and feedback to encourage and support the participants to succeed.

On his website he says "In a nutshell, I used hypnosis to overcome my health challenges, I became a therapist myself, wrote some books, appeared on TV and other media and am here today. Last 11 years, I have successfully worked with over 6000 individuals. I love meeting and working with new people, and it is truly exciting for me to be able to put all the years of experience, the successful strategies, and the theories from my best-selling books and modern research into practice and watch you achieve some truly inspiring and wonderful things today.
I live for seeing that success happen in people. I also work therapeutically with individuals for full day, half day and regular hourly sessions in my consulting rooms, or I can visit you."

Some Of Where Adam Eason Has Featured:

March 2008 - Adam Eason stars in BBC1's TV show, 'The Smokehouse', helping children and parents with the process of stopping smoking.

February 2008 - Adam Eason is interviewed by BBC Radio Solent about social drinking among women, and ways to overcome excessive alcohol consumption using your mind.

January 2008 - Adam Eason writes for the London Metro newspaper, discussing Gordon Brown's body language.

September 2007 - Adam Eason features in the Daily Express national newspaper, discussing the body language of the McCanns, parents to missing Madeline McCann.

January 2007 - Adam Eason features on BBC Radio Five Live and several local stations discussing New Year goal achievement.

October 2006 - Wave Magazine reviews Adam's 'The Deep Sleep Programme' and, amongst other comments, describes it as, "very effective."

June 2006 - Runners World magazine enlist the help of Adam Eason to help one of their writers successfully run the North Pole marathon, and they review Adam's techniques from his book, 'The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis', too.

June 2006 - Adam Eason charms presenters, as well as star of The Apprentice, Karen Bremner, on the sofa of the Weekly News Show for Legal TV on satellite television. Talking about body language and non-verbal communication.

May 2006 - In the Guardian national newspaper, Adam Eason discusses body language and how to use it to communicate more effectively and get more of what you want from your communications, especially in the workplace.

April 2006 - Adam Eason is featured in Time4U magazine, talking about and demonstrating how self-hypnosis can distort your perception of time and thus produce wonders in the bedroom!

March 2006 - Adam Eason is interviewed for BBC Radio Kent by Julie Maddocks on her show, talking about using the brain to overcome the challenge of running a marathon. On the same day, Adam Eason speaks to Julia Booth on BBC Radio York about the same subject, as one of their team takes on the challenge of running the London Marathon.

March 2006 - Adam Eason stars in BBC1's Prime Time new documentary series, 'Run for Glory', using personal development techniques to help the participants run a marathon.

March 2006 - Adam Eason features in Time 4U Magazine, in an article about using self-hypnosis to distort time and enhance sexual experiences.

He also sets hearts racing with a similar article for lads' mag, Spirit & Destiny Magazine, and finds his article, on how people display certain types of body language in them, mentioned on the cover alongside a naked lady!

December 2005 - BBC Radio WM in the UK was his latest, talking to drivetime host Paul Franks about those New Year resolutions.

September 2005 - Adam Eason was a featured consultant in Woman's Own, alongside other experts in the field of weight reduction, discussing his approach of using hypnosis, NLP and various other techniques in his programme for change.

September 2005 - Adam Eason was interviewed for US based Radio Station, WYJE, by Bob Hill, about his best-selling book, 'The Secrets of Self-Hypnosis'.

August 2005 - 'Think Yourself Thin', Adam's amazing 6-volume set for weight reduction, is featured and rated for Now Magazine.

June 2005 - Adam's 2-volume audio hypnosis programme, 'Stop Smoking in 7 Days', is featured in The Daily Express national newspaper, and is given as an exclusive prize to their daily quiz.

March 2005 - Adam Eason is interviewed and helps a member of the Daily Echo staff to stop smoking successfully using hypnosis, NLP and other techniques.

February 2005 - Adam's 2-volume set, 'Stop Smoking in 7 Days', is highly rated and recommended by The Sunday Post national newspaper.