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Achilles's Biography(Photos)

Real Name: Arash Dibazar Affiliation: Seductive Instinct Website:

From the age of 4 to 11, Achilles lived in 6 different countries including Iran, Turkey, Syria, Kuwait, England, and the U.S. Having to mix with so many different cultures, he quickly acquired the ability to read people's expressions and body language as a means of understanding their communication. At age 11 he began what would become a distinguished martial arts career, leading him to become the student of Broadway actor and director (and The Prince of Fiji), the late Manu Tupou.

Having the confidence of a champion martial artist, the skills of an expert actor, and a deep background in Zen Buddhism and body language, Achilles had a chance encounter with the book The Game that started him on the path to meeting pickup gurus such as Ross Jeffries and Mystery, eventually becoming a personal student of James Matador. Achilles combines his many backgrounds to create a style of game that is both strong and charismatic, is structured and flows naturally.

Achilles Quotes

I open everybody. Fine girls, ugly girls, guys, moms, grandmoms, kids, dogs... everybody. Because as a human being, I am a social creature. It's natural to acknowledge the presence of another human being. What's weird is two people just standing next to each other all nervous and not saying anything or trying to ignore each other. Thatis what's not natural. Hey, I'm a social creature. Sorry if you're not; it's your loss. "My entire lifestyle is a demonstration of game. Life is the game."

"You communicate value through your personality. So if you're a high value male, a DHV is really the art of letting people know who you are."

"State of mind precedes action.You have to feel good... and then others will feel good around you. She won't remember what you did as much as she remembers how she feels when you're around."